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Updated 12/7/17
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December 4, 2017 - December has come in quite balmy, weather wise. I assume it will get colder here very soon, but for now we are all grooving on the mild start to winter. (Now that I stated that in print, it will no doubt bring catastrophic lake effect snow storms...)

The other night I saw Rocko the cat in the dog pen. I thought it was Rocko in the dog pen. I opened the back door and yelled 'KITTY KITTY' very loudly and then heard Rocko behind me in the house. The little critter in the dog pen looked at me with an Elvis lip thing going on and waddled away. It was a opossum! Hahahahaha. NOT ROCKO! He went over to a gap in the wire fence and increased his waddle speed. I ran in to get a flashlight so I could see where he went, but the flashlight I grabbed didn't work. By the time I found a working flashlight the opossum was gone. (Until later, when he was in there AGAIN. I have a bird feeder in the dog pen so no doubt he was just stopping by for a snack.) I say 'he' but I think male opossums are much bigger, so obviously it was a she or a young one. Nonetheless, I hold the record for calling after critters that are not cats. My husband said, "For someone who claims they have 20/20 vision, you eyes SUCK!" Hey, from a distance, lots of things look like cats...

The 'super moon' was this weekend. I couldn't see when it rose (when it is the 'biggest') due to cloud cover but once I got in bed, CRIPES! That think was so bright I had to throw the blanket over my eyes to sleep. Go moon!

The local 'Burg where I live had their Christmas parade on Saturday night. It was fun. I love the lighted floats and fire trucks. The band made me very happy. I could be nearly dead in a ditch somewhere but just have a marching band walk by and I would recover quickly. There was an older lady next to me that was as excited as I was which made it more fun to be so excited so, well - I was excited! It was a lovely night for the parade with the mild temperatures as of late. We had eaten an early supper at the local diner before the parade and walked through the indoor farmer's market where I picked up a few things. After the parade we drove around looking at Christmas lights. It was a nice weekend all in all. Last night I made white chicken chili for supper and later enjoyed the 'dueling flatulence' symphony that took place in bed...

I have one more set of gifts to get for my kids and I'm done shopping for them. I got my husband a new cell phone for his Christmas present on Sunday. (He has a work cell but not a personal cell phone, so he really can't use the work cell phone for anything fun like games and such. Plus he has to leave it with at work for the backup driver to use when he's off for vacation and such.) It took me TWO HOURS to set up that damned phone. My husband just left me alone during the whole process as he knew better than say even one small word with all the things coming out of my mouth. It is an iPhone 6 from Boost Mobil and I cannot see how a normal person who is not in IT could have done this set up on their own. I barely survived. Seriously. Plus I've never dealt with an iPhone before, just Android models, so it was a challenge the whole time I was cussing at the poor phone. I had to downloaded the user manual from Apple and had the support screens up on line for Boost, and FINALLY got the heifer hooked up to service. Ugh. Once the main excitement was over and he was connected to the world, I added the kids and other phone numbers as contacts. He was over there mumbling something about "...Why would I want to connect with my kids?..." or the like, but I noticed several times he DID text his kids yesterday afternoon. He was a happy boy.

December 7, 2017
- Official announcement - IT IS SNOWING. Lake effect, I'm sure, but it is snowing nonetheless. I am secretly happy. I think to myself as I get older the thrill for snow and cold will leave me but deep inside is the Sandy that rejoices. I wonder if I'll ever get over that? Probably not. Yesterday at work I was happy and gleeful and giddy all morning until the sun came out from behind the clouds and lit up my office, then I slumped in my chair and audibly said, "Ugh."  There is something in my DNA that likes the cloudy, morbid winter weather.

I had THREE fillings done on Tuesday night. One was a fixer-upper for a filling that was bad. One was a fix for a bad spot near my gum. Both of those were on my upper left side. My new dentist decided to fill my gaping Colosseum style tooth on the bottom left that I've been putting off having a root canal on for two years. (I explained my hate for root canals and having people in my mouth in general.) He asked if it was sensitive to cold. "No" I said. He tested that. "Is it sensitive to heat?" he asked. "No" I said, and he tested that. "Do you have any, ANY pain in that thing?" he asked. "No sir, I do not!" I replied. He tested that. He said he could try to fill it with some sort of filling since the nerves did not seem to be an issue and if that didn't work and the filling eventually broke, he could do a crown. That took the longest and that is the tooth he started with. I have been filling that tooth with dental wax at night so I don't rip up my tongue FOREVER. I had thought over the years to buy stock in dental wax since I was using so much, but never did... So for two morning I've gotten out of bed and tried to rip the "wax" out of that tooth only to realize it is a FILLING now. Duh. Anyway, I survived three fillings and didn't even bite anyone's fingers off or panic too much! HURRAY! I have to say I like that new dentist, plus he kept the people I adore from my former dentist which gives me comfort to no end. (Plus the Klonopin didn't hurt any, either...)