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Updated 1/9/18
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January 1, 2018 - The New Year came in very mildly at our house. We stayed up until midnight last night, mind you - after a full day of watching a Twilight Zone marathon - but we were both too lazy to get out of our chairs to give each other a kiss or hug. Hahahaha. (After 37 years, it is obvious the romance is still there and simmering in a large pit of congealed fat...)

I have enjoyed the extra time off lately. It will be a while until we get more time off, although I do have 92 hours of vacation to use up by May 11th. It won't be wasted, trust me. A long time ago I used to let time 'go back' but not any more. I still may work every day from home for a bit, but by golly, I take my time. I might take one a day in the next two weeks or so to get my hair done - my roots are showing off how gray I really am. I can't control the rest of the cycle of aging and life, but by golly, I'm not ready to go gray yet. I will, I am sure, when I retire and spending money on hair seems too frivolous and I will rock gray hair then but for now, I fight it tooth and hair follicle. Speaking of hair follicles...

I stopped getting the laser hair removal for my facial hair because I thought it very odd I would pay someone to torture me with such pain like that, but I'm ready to start again. It really didn't stop the hair from growing, but it did keep my hair from causing large lumps on my face from being ingrown and such. I can stand the shooting pain once every six weeks to help me conquer this beard again. Even though it is mostly gray now (and laser only zap it for the time being, it doesn't promise any help with gray hairs) lasering still keeps the hair under control to an extent. I never thought I'd do it again, but I'm sick of my beard and mustache. Sigh. I say that now, but in five treatments, I will quit and say ONCE AGAIN, "Why am I paying people to hurt me like this?!?!?"

I dragged my husband to the nearest Meijer store today because I was out of bird food. I complain about feeding them ("They eat me out of house and home!!") but I cannot stop feeding them as I really do adore my birds. It has been so cold and they seem very grateful for the food. I took down the Christmas decorations the other day, and now the finches fly away from the finch feeders out front keep running into the front window...I need to get some other kind of window clings to put up there - there has been windows clings in that window since September for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. I feel bad for the poor brain damaged finches. Is it too early to put up Valentines?

Anyway, when we were at Meijer's store, we walked past a trainee named Stacy. Stacy was obviously a transgender person. (Good for Stacy for living his/her dream. It takes guts.) But Stacy had over used a hideous perfume that we normally relate to older ladies who must think that scent is marvelous but IT IS NOT and the scent clung to us all throughout the store. It would get stronger and I would say quietly to to my husband, "I smell Stacy..." and then she'd walk by! Sigh. Stacy, if you read this, please tone down the perfume, honey. That stuff has some odd form of chemical make up that embeds itself in the human nose and stays for six weeks. I still smell it. I still taste it. My husband was dry heaving all the way home. "Did they spray me with it? I STILL SMELL IT!!" he would cry repeatedly. Please, Stacy - switch to something less deadly. You are a pretty girl - don't overpower your beauty with a scent that could start a world war or cause mass extinction ... A meteor didn't cause the dinosaur extinction - Stacy's perfume did.

I loved putting up Christmas decorations this year and I was sad to take it down. I also dreaded taking them down. We also lost Olaf this year - if we could have a moment of silence - The blow up 8 foot Olaf that sat out front and scared the dog because it would rock in the wind... Olaf's motor died way too soon. Once we find him again (he is currently buried in a snow drift somewhere out front) we will give him a proper burial.

I will post here (below) what I posted to Facebook. The two people who read this blog also are my Facebook friends, so it will be redundant - but I am doing it to record it for history purposes. I hope we all have a good 2018. So far we've done pretty good, aye - we woke up breathing!

"Besides dealing with the ultimate end results of getting older (such as freely discussing things with your friends concerning body orifices and things that ooze out of them in the winter or the fear of falling on an icy patch that is not even remotely near you or having more bionic body parts than original body parts) I have come to embrace this ‘getting older’ thing.

I enjoy the attitude I have now and my outlook on life. The things that used to be so pressing or horrible are now just ‘things’ and they do not seem so devastating. The petty worries that used to consume me are now sliding away like butter on a hot skillet (mmmmm….butter…but I digress). Any irritations I feel from circumstances in my life are reasoned away with a wiser, more experienced brain. (Or I am just completely forgetting them and wandering off to find where I parked…)

I can accept that my beard is coming in gray now and I will have possible future employment as Santa Claus... I can accept my tired vision by get stronger reading glasses and just resign myself to the fact that eventually I will call for the cat and let a skunk in the house... I can see the world in a way that pleases me like a hot cup of coffee on a zero degree wind chill morning, such as today. I am enjoying this part of my life and thank the Powers that Be I made it this far to enjoy it – many of my family and friends did not – I do not take this life for granted.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. May you all find some form of happiness from the ‘little things’ around you on a daily basis every day in the New Year. I hope you all let those around you know how much you love them or appreciate them (and those who you do not appreciate, I hope you do not get arrested for excessive taser use…)

Thank you for being my friends. Happy and Blessed New Year to you all!"

January 9, 2018 - My husband got several packages of the newer, soft light, 'use less power but it shines like a s.o.b.' light bulbs. As old bulbs burn out, he replaces them with these new soft light goobers. This has been an eye opener for me. They do give out more light - brighter - where I can see how I have failed so miserably as a house keeper. Things I didn't know were dirty ARE horribly dirty, because now I can see they are dirty! Ugh. The bathroom was the worst 'awakening' to the lack of my house cleaning prowess. Unreal. I could choose to spend several days cleaning thoroughly or I can just keep the lights off. (I've chosen the latter at this point...)

Rocko is going stir crazy in the house. He wants out. He spent about an hour outside yesterday when it was warmer than it has been in a LONG time, but still it is not enough. He bounces off the walls because he wants to go out so badly. He has an 'anti-snow on my paw' policy, however, so it stops him dead at the door normally. It is supposed to get up to 50 degrees by Thursday before the temperature drops and becomes winter again so maybe then he can go out and poop outside and feel better for a while. That's all any of us want really, to romp outside and poop in a mole hole, right?

Both of the Network Engineers we have at work were off duty last Friday and that is when all of our new leased printers came in and had to be installed. It was a surprise to me and ended up being a very busy day. Thanks to NE#1 who taught me things during the last printer installation, I did pretty good getting things set up on my own. Viva technology. I do have more questions however and am waiting for NE#2 to return from vacation to help me with those things. (I like learning. It is fun-damental, or is that reading?) Nonetheless I need to know what the last two issues are and why they are and how to fix them on a network.

There were 14 deer across the road the other night causing Jake the Dog to be on high alert. (I am sure Jake cannot see very well anymore with his fogged over old eyes, but he saw that there was black on the white snow, so that is justification for any dog to go ballistic and bark like an idiot.) I know they come over and partake of the bird seed since I have been going through a lot lately. With the prior sub-zero temps they were probably very hungry, those deer. I don't mind that the birds share their food with the deer, I just worry about all those deer coming over across the road when people drive past this house at high speeds. Most humans are idiots. I assume it is genetics.

Speaking of old eyes...after I had my cataract surgery done on my left eye several years ago I have had a 'floater' of sorts. It looks like a tiny tiny itty-bitty wee little black sperm. A black dot with a tail. I can only see it when I look at solid light colors like snow or a blue sky or white cloudy sky (so thanks to my husband, I see it all over when in the house now because of those new light bulbs - ugh...) but I seldom notice it other than that. I did ask my eye doctor about it and she said, "Yep, you have a speck in there all right" and let me know it was not a rip or tear in my eye. I just happen to have a life long microscopic friend now, I suppose. I will have to come up with a name for it ... possibly 'Blinky'...